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Newcastle Paragliding club has one of the largest member base clubs in Australia, we offer links to training from our numerous paragliding schools on the east coast of Australia. Here are some links and information regarding their training and services we do not suggest any particular one as they are all just as awesome as the other.

Schools around Newcastle, Sydney, Tamworth-Manilla and the north coast (Laurieton).

If you are not current and looking for some helpful tips before coming back to fly after the off season click the link 


Newcastle Paragliding – clicky

This course takes you from being a complete beginner, having never touched a paraglider before, through to becoming a licenced supervised paraglider pilot. Conducted in and around the Newcastle beaches and at sites in the Hunter Valley. Course sizes are kept small to allow each student extra time to have one on one with our instructors, with the added bonus of the the courses being a little more flexible to allow for weather and personal commitments.

All the equipment and the workbooks are provided on the course

The course covers equipment setup, launch and landing techniques, all relevant theory and coastal soaring techniques.

Course duration is 7 days and usually starts on the 3rd Monday of the month Sep-May.

Cost: $2200 includes $300 credit on the purchase of your first wing/harness from Airsports


Manilla Paragliding Courses – clicky

Cloudbase Paragliding Courses – clicky

High Adventure Paragliding Courses – clicky

SkyOut Paragliding

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