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Newcastle Paragliding Club

NPC Annual Hang & Fling Reserve Day

Sun, 8 Oct 2023
09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Once a year normally just as winter finishes up we are all itching to get out and fly. We must remember to get our gear checked, repacked and airworthy for the next flying season.

Members of the Newcastle Paragliding Club who are financial with NSWHPA (via their SAFA fee) get a free annual repack of their reserve and non members will pay $50 dollars on the day.

Its a great time to meet other pilots and also have a friendly chat after a long winter of minimal flying.

This year Mike Bass will be helping NPC pilots get their reserves done

We intend to provide a hang point indoors to enable a test extraction while your body weight including your normal gear is stuffed into your harness back pack and compresses onto the reserve container which can create friction that prevents its extraction. The hang point also allows you to test which direction you should pull the handle. Many harnesses jam their reserve in and some are impossible to extract their reserve especially when you pull at the wrong angle or your body has high G forces.


9:00 am
Meet and Greet
10:00 am
Harness up and throw to see how your reserve comes out
11:00 am
Start laying out your own gear and learn how to repack and watch others repack
3:00 pm
Finish up and possible head for a fly at our local site
Ticket Type Price
NPC members annual reserve repack. $0.00
Non members reserve repack $50.00
Total: $
Charlestown Community Hall
51 Dickinson St, Charlestown NSW 2290, Australia

Newcastle, New South Wales, 2290, Australia

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